I’m Fashion Challenged. Help Me?

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Meeting a friend for birthday drinks tonight and want to wear a new dress and boots I bought. My only question is whether or not I need to wear tights. Can I get away with this dress and these boots without wearing tights?





  1. i’m more comfortable with tights with boots. ymmv. wear what you’re comfortable in, and you’ll always feel good, which in turn helps us look great!


  2. Tights work with ankle boots. These boots look like they rise above the knee. I don’t generally like such long boots. They direct the eye downwards because of their size. If you don’t wear tights when wearing long boots, the short length of exposed leg will make your leg proportions look shorter unless you have very long legs and a short skirt. Think Tina Turner. Wear tights with these. If you want to go without tights, wear boots that come up to calf length.


  3. I just looked at the dress again. It looks long. If the dress covers the length of your legs above your boots while you are standing (i.e. they reach below the top of your boots while you are standing) it is okay to go without tights. It would look sexy to reveal your legs when you are sitting or walking up stairs.


  4. Is it too late? I think it probably is! My rule is that if it’s cold enough to wear boots, you need boot socks or tights at the very least. To me, tall boots with bare legs looks odd unless you’re doing a very specific look (like a costume party or maybe a show of some kind?). I think it’s somewhat about proportion: a flash of bare leg (especially the fuller upper leg/thigh) will seem out of place and “cut” the line of your body up. Usually one wants to go for either a very obviously purposeful non-flattery (like, say, wide legged culottes and chunky shoes like you see in “street style” blogs) or one long, lean line.
    To me, short skirts and tall boots are sexy but not…elegant. Unless there’s same-color tights involved. Sexy/vampy may be the look that is being gone for, in which case, go for it! But just know, it’s a sexy, vampy look.
    I would say another way to tone it down (if you want to!) is to layer a sleeveless blazer or draped sleeveless waterfall cardigan on top of the knit sweater dress. Sweater dresses or stretch ponte sheath dresses can look great all by themselves, but I feel one needs absolutely flawless styling (like “Suits” TV show level) of hair, makeup, accessories and jewelry) to really rock them. A layered look, with a layer that doesn’t add bulk, might give that edgy, funky, stylish look while taking it from “vamp!” to “stylish”.
    Can you tell I can talk about fashion all day? 😛


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