Your Cure For Trump Fatigue

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I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve officially hit my threshold of how much Trump-related nonsense I can stomach. It’s all happening so fast! He’s signing executive orders and his staff is talking in circles and holding press conferences concerning inane innocuous subjects. Oh, and then there was this gem of a quote from a recent NYTimes article.

One person who frequently talks to Trump said aides have to push back privately against his worst impulses in the White House, like the news conference idea, and have to control information that may infuriate him. He gets bored and likes to watch TV, this person said, so it is important to minimize that.

Let me repeat that: He gets bored and likes to watch TV.

Take that in, America. Your new President has the attention span and temperament of a five year-old. I logged on to Twitter a few minutes ago to see that #WarOnWomen is trending. I don’t think I have ever felt so trampled upon as a woman as I have these last few months.  So when I saw this Mashable article floating around I had to read it.

Stop everything: the nation’s zoos are in a vicious, wonderful #CuteAnimalTweetOff

Are you feeling better yet? Well, then how about this? BAM!

I don’t think there’s ever been more of a need for prioritizing self-care than now. Go find some cute animals to look at or brilliant Oatmeal cartoons to share. Go find anything that doesn’t mention the T-Word and post it. We need balance right now, something to remind us that there is beauty and goodness and kindness in this world.

Share links in the comments if you like. Or vent. Or just share what’s going on in your life.


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