How Do You Avoid Dating a Liberal/Conservative?

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There’s really nothing like matching with someone on Tinder or OKCupid only to discover through messaging that they vote with your opposing political party.

While how one identifies politically has always been a bone of contention, never has the issue been more volatile than it is today. As I swiped through profiles yesterday, I came across on guy that said, “No crooked Hillary voters!” Another included the line, “If you voted for the Orange Cheeto we probably won’t get along.” That’s fine, I guess. I will only date someone whose ideologies align with the Democratic party.  Ensuring that prior to or quickly thereafter a message exchange has not only become tricky, but a requirement. The last thing I want to do is meet up with someone and have the election come up – as it does more and more these days – and find we’re not on the same side. Awkward.

I’ll also throw in there that all these writers (and they’re almost exclusively women) penning breathlessly tone deaf essays about their Trump-supporting partners need to GTFO of here. Sorry, but if your husband or wife voted Trump, they were always an asshole.  Their misogynistic, racist, homophobic tendencies were always there. You just chose to overlook it. You get no sympathy from me. Maybe you shouldn’t be making that information public, because I’ll side-eye you harder than side-eying them. If you’re not someone who stands up to injustice, you can fuck right off.

It goes without saying that I find Trump supporters repugnant. However,  I find even the most die-hard of Anti-Trump supporters kind of…tiresome after a point. We get it. WE GET IT. On Facebook, I’ve hidden so many people from the right as well as the left in the last few months. I can’t deal with the constant umbrage. I want to date someone tuned in an aware, but not rabid, which is why I avoid swiping right on any liberal that comes across too angry. Invested is great. Hostile is not.

In my bio and profile, I just say, “Liberal.” That’s it. Wine drinker. ASPCA supporter. Writer. Liberal. Interval trainer. I’ll let them decide the rest for themselves. But since many people swipe and message before reading, many of us are now in a position where we have to resolve whether they are Democrat or Republican first.

So what do you do? Do you come out of the gate with that question? Or do you just state your political party in your bio/profile and hope they read it? This goes both ways, btw. I’m not just asking Democrats how they weed out Republicans. I want to hear from both sides.




  1. If you don’t want to go out with a ________ voter put it in your profile. The writer here views politics in terms of liberal v. conservative. Yet there is another division: small minds v. broad minds. The small minds do not like to be challenged. They want to associate with people who agree with them and reinforce their preconceived views. The broad minds will engage in healthy debates with people of different points of views.

    Your writer clearly fits in the small minded and liberal category. She is just as unattractive to an broad-minded person as someone who puts “No Trump Voters” in a profile.

    Someone who dismisses out of hand half the electorate as “Asshole[s],” “misogynistic, racist, homophobic” is “rabid” and “[un]aware.” (The writer’s choice of words is ironic as the Clinton campaign team described their voters as “compliant” and “unaware.”).

    “I just say, “Liberal.” That’s it. Wine drinker. ASPCA supporter. Writer. Liberal. Interval trainer. I’ll let them decide the rest for themselves.” Add to that “and I think Trump voters a racists” and you’ll get the narrow-minded liberals you seek.


    1. Your argument would be valid if you were talking about Mitt Romney or George W. Bush or what used to pass as a Republican in this country — but Trump is a different animal, I’m afraid. There’s so much open hostility to women, minorities and gays in his platform that supporting him doesn’t tell me you’re into supply-side economics or strict constructionism or anything else that I can agree to disagree with about conservatives. It tells me that you’re willing to hold your nose and, at the very least, tolerate outright bigotry. And that’s a deal-breaker. If you can’t parse that not-so-subtle difference, you’ll never understand.


  2. I am in the UK its the same here…brexiteer or remainer! Iv never witnessed a more politically charged state. Its scary! as the sides are so strong in their beliefs. Id assume its the same for you guys?


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