I Don’t Think Feminism Means What He Thinks It Means

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Here’s a nifty comment from this post that I thought you’d all appreciate.

Feminism is about competing with men and denigrating the feminine characteristics that make a woman a Lady. Thus, feminists try to look like men, accentuating the vulgar, crude, ugly, undesirable traits that make them less appealing to prove they are more manly than men whom they despise.

The following paragraph from the article is exactly what I mean… “I’m referring to how many women seem to think they need to become masculine (or what they think is masculine) to be equal to men, thereby rejecting their (and other women’s) femininity as inferior. Furthermore, such women often model the worst, rather than the best, characteristics of men–and then wonder why neither men nor women like them. That can only come from a deep hatred of men, which for obvious reasons is not attractive to men.” – Crotch Rocket

This person gets it. It explains why Feminists hate the success of other women as much as they hate men. And worse, they hate the feminine nature of women that makes them attractive and desirable. Feminists believe a woman can’t and shouldn’t be feminine because they view it as betrayal, inferior, and the antithesis of Feminism. And that makes them ugly on the inside as well as the outside. Such women would never be caught dead having sex with a man because it would “demean” their feminist strength as an admission they need men for anything, even as playthings. Thus, most feminists fulfill their sexual needs on their own or with another female, because doing further proves to them they have no need of men whatsoever. They see it as strength. The rest of the world, and men in particular, see through the lie and clearly see that kind of women for what she is, the lowest class of womanhood, scornful bitches who reject the masculinity of men and the femininity of women, making them
miserable, ugly, vulgar, and absolute losers.

A woman with true inner strength completely embraces her feminine nature, not as a weapon or tool to use against men and other women, but as an achievement of the best of womanhood. And that makes her supremely confident and beautiful above all of God’s creations, man’s greatest desire, and the stuff dreams are made of.

Great article… nail on the head!


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