Don’t Take Dating Advice From Men Who Hate Women

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During my early morning ritual of coffee and reading, I came across this post in my Facebook feed.

The podcast lasts all of ten minutes, so feel free to give it a listen so you can follow along.

The first thing that irked me about this podcast was how the two hosts (one of which is an Equinox trainer lol) think they’re dropping some serious knowledge on woman. Orly? There are men out there who use women for sex and lie to get it?  I’m woozy from a case of the vapors. Catch me when I faint!

There’s no advice in this podcast. It’s two douchey, shallow guys taking pleasure in “educating” women about how stupid they are. They perpetuate antiquated gender roles (“Women are relationship creators!”)  and laugh at how their brothers manage to bamboozle women over and over.  I love – absolutely love – how the trainer thinks he’s different. He’s not like other trainers. He’s a cool trainer. He’s all about building self-esteem.  Wygant’s contempt for women is palpable. His anger towards women who wouldn’t deign to fuck him is unmistakable.  He and the trainer take glee in slut-shaming women for wearing revealing clothes and posting bikini photos, basically – well, no, blatantly – saying, “You’re asking for it. If you didn’t dress like such a slut, guys wouldn’t use you.”

These two are conflating their own seething resentment with “radical honesty.” They want to piss women off. They’re mocking women by pretending to help them. But, hey, when he gives men advice? Well, it has some merit.

He’ll take the time to offer productive advice to men. When it comes to women, he condescends to and berates them. But, yeah, definitely take dating advice from him. Ignore the fact that he hates women.

Take a listen to this:

Once again, the man is depicted as solid and honorable. The woman? Not so much.  The women looking for a sugar daddy arrangements are prostitutes. What does that make the guys? Oh that’s right…johns. Oh, no! They’re just socially awkward. Or too busy for a girlfriend. Reason, reasons, reasons. Maybe the woman is putting herself through law school. Or trying to support a child. Maybe the woman has reasons, too? Nope. According to Wygant she’s just a lazy whore with no hustle. Except, she’s totally got hustle because she managed to get you to pay her to spend time with you.

I love – LOVE! – how he depicts the men as poor suckers being taken advantage of by these cunning women. The men have no agency. They’re being taken to the cleaners. They’re VICTIMS! Not once does Wygant even suggest the men like – nay, prefer! – the arrangement they have with these women. Why? Because he hates women. And yet he has flocks of females cooing and gushing in the comments of his Facebook page. Notice how, in this podcast, all the examples he and his guest give of rude behavior are by women. I guess guys never ignore people because they’re too busy fiddling with their phones?

This is toxic masculinity in its purest form.  These podcasts are nothing but men who are unsuccessful with women spewing their rage under the guise of giving advice.




  1. I’m familiar with sites like these and thanks for the warning but….why are you promoting them on your site? Because even bad publicity is publicity as they say, and women who click on the site will bring him ad revenues etc. I think you should just have described the site without giving enough identifying details for women to find it without doing a search. No point in rewarding assholes.


    1. Because not linking to it looks like I don’t want to get caught bad mouthing him. That’s typically why people don’t link back to sites they’re criticizing. Not to mention – regardless of my personal feelings – linking back is the appropriate thing to do. Additionally, I needed to support my argument. Just saying he’s a woman hater isn’t enough.


  2. Actually, David does have a good article on women over relying on vibrators and how vibrators are making women lazy looking lovers.

    These vibrator dependant women focus on their orgasm first and then put lazy efforts into the mans joy.

    It appears David knows the dating scene well…


  3. I love the equinox by me. But let’s not kid ourselves. Equinox has had some of fhe most mysoginstic ads i have seen. I had been thinking of dropping my membership over that. Opted not to because, great social activist that i am, i really like their showers and they are the closest to me.

    The ppdcast dude’s voice makes my skin crawl. And i am not sure he does badly with women. Plenty of women are cool with sexism if it vets them a bf. Obviiusly not winning the high self esteem olympics but it is naive to think that being a sexist douche doesnt get you laid by some woken


  4. Man, I have mixed feelings here.
    I used to hate-read MRA websites on occasion and while I knew intellectually that these men were straight-up misogynists, since I was raised in a very traditional, very sexist household, it would still get to me. I would see pictures of women (that they stole and used without permission, naturally) that they deemed “fat” or “social justice snowflakes” and I would get super paranoid and upset that I looked like that–a bitter, overweight, scowly woman who made these sad attempts at “cool” with nose piercings or unnatural hair color or tattoos. I would tell myself that they chose the most unflattering picture they could possibly find, but….
    It got to me—their shitty way of thinking got under my skin and made me doubt myself and then go into this anger spiral of “how can I even CARE what those childish, angry, foolish men think?!”

    The other half of this story is that I was invited to join a women-identifying-only closed FB group called banamanuary, whose purpose is to call out (name and shame) men behaving badly. I enjoyed it for a few weeks, but a couple things shifted: I got into a relationship, and my FB feed had become a source of stress and anger for me. I thought it over, asked for opinions on a forum I’m part of, and ultimately left the group.

    I guess my point is: whatever you focus on, you see everywhere and “get more of”. It sounds unbearably cheesy and annoying, but I really do feel better focusing on the good and the positive, the forward motion, and since I peaced out of the FB group and forced myself to stop hate reading, I feel much better.

    Everyone is different, but I felt so much better without the drumbeat of “women can become addicted to vibrators! the horror!” articles and then the volcano-lava comments section for same.
    Less hate, more love.

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  5. At least a vibrator is a guaranteed orgasm. Yes, it can desensitize the area to the “real” thing. ……..just like men who masturbate frequently and watch a lot of porn.

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  6. Peskywomen

    The same way women feel like they have the authority to tell men how to be men. Duh !
    Sure single out these idiots for the idiots that they are, but won’t assume that women are all pristine and morally superior and wonderful and right all the time.


  7. God why do so many men think that we need to be told what men want? We know what men want. We never fucking stop hearing about it.


  8. He just sounds like a douche. How many times did he say “10-minutes” or brag about knowing important people? I can’t believe anyone would seek him out for advice (aka repetitive rambling).


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