I Think Someone Is Trying To Tell Me Something

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A few months ago I wrote about an encounter I had with an woman in the supermarket. From time to time I recall that conversation and wonder if – as my sister seems to believe – she was an angel. As in a celestial being. Now, of course I don’t actually believe that. I’m far too cynical. But sometimes I like awake in bed, my cat nestled under the crook of my arm, and consider the possibility. What if there was someone looking out for me? As unrealistic as that thought it, it gives me comfort.

I had that thought again this afternoon when, for the third time, I came across a heart-like shape on the sidewalk. I added it to my growing collection.

Running across these tiny hearts makes me feel hopeful, like maybe someone is telling em to hang in there a bit longer. I’m going to keep crushing away on Luc at the gym. I like the way he smiles at me when he sees me. He’s super serious most of the time, so to see him smile makes me feel good.

I spent most of the weekend re-designing our events site, BuffsandBrainiacs.com. Tell me what you think? Any cool widget ideas I can add?



  1. I thought this too when I kept stumbling across different heart shaped items along my path. I had hoped God or the Universe was trying to tell me that the cute guy I kept running into for the last six months was possibly going to make an impact in my life. Well, he didn’t & once again, my heart got broken…and then I moved on.

    Maybe you’ll have better luck. I’m intending someone special comes into your life & gives you the love you deserve. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe God or the Universe has better plans for me…preferably a career in my chosen field.


  2. I love getting little signs from the universe like the hearts you keep finding. Wrap yourself up in the comforting feeling and just enjoy it, as much as you can.


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